Expenses resulting from a disability can be claimed as Extraordinary burdens in the income tax return or employee assessment. These expenses reduce taxable income.

The tax deduction of the additional burden can be carried out either as a lump sum or by proof of the actual costs. A person is considered disabled if the degree of disability is at least 25 percent.

Proof of disability is, among other things, the handicapped pass. For the use of the large commuter flat rate, the free allowance for walking disability or the exemption from the motor-related insurance tax, the additional entry “unreasonableness of public transport” in the disabled pass or a parking pass according to §29b of the Highway Code is required.

If the degree of disability is less than 50%, the Ministry of Social Affairs issues a negative decision indicating the degree of disability. With the consent of the person with disabilities, the data is automatically transmitted electronically, so that the person no longer has to worry about the proof.

The certificates issued by the medical officer until 2004 remain valid. If a new statement is made by the Ministry of Social Affairs, this will replace the existing certificates.

So far, the program comes only with US tax returns cope – and must still fit here in some special cases. In the future, however, the start-up should also be able to help taxpayers in other countries. It is currently working on “to build a system that is applicable to any tax system,” says Taxfix founder Mathis Büchi opposite WirtschaftsWoche founder.

In particular, he has the e-filing system in mind. According to his statements, more than 90 countries are theoretically able to expand to – but the focus should be on Europe. In the coming year, the startup wants to start with internationalization: “In 2019, we want to launch our app in one or two other markets,” says Büchi. The new shareholder also shares this goal: “We see increasing demand for digital fintech products and services in the European market,” says finance expert  in a press release.

The topic of tax is probably not the favorite topic for most self-employed, but every entrepreneur should at least deal with the basics.

Basically, the tax is there to finance public sector spending, ie municipalities, states and the federal government.

All citizens of this country use public facilities, such as streets or schools, and benefit from the work of state employees, such as police or teachers. All this costs money and is financed by taxpayers’ money.

The legislator has come up with different methods of taxation, how it is calculated and who has to pay it off.